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Why do Graffiti taggers Tag?

The situation is perfect; street light is out “I guess the city doesn’t care” Jonny thinks. After 3 days the huge bubble spray bomb or throw up is still on the wall.  No security to come around for at least 30 minutes or bushes in the way.  Down goes the back pack and out come […]


    Goodbye Graffiti USA Owner, Laurie Spivack, announces an exciting campaign to“Beautify Seattle” with a call for a partnering local business wanting FREE graffiti removal services and an artist to create a mural design in its place.   For businesses: This is an excellent opportunity for media attention and free advertising of your business!   […]

Some things never change

Ancient graffiti has been found in a quarry near Hadrian’s Wall in Carlyle, England. The graffiti depicts an officer and an image of a penis. Why does this matter? It dates back to approximately 207 AD and supports the idea that graffiti writing is a generational activity that will not go away. So, the next […]

Goodbye Graffiti USA is a B2B Business Model

We do not depend on the retail market space for our revenue. Our customers are Business customers. They include property managers, facilities maintenance managers, contractors, agency asset managers and small business owners.   http://goodbyegraffitiusa.com