Graffiti Removal


We certify all our Graffiti Removal Specialists through an intense training program over several weeks. Once they score more than 90% on the final exam, they are given their certification, are capable of operating all specialized equipment and cleaning more than 75 marker types off of over 50 different substrates.

We believe in 100% removal 100% of the time with no damage to any substrate.

Because of our extensive experience we always do it right, the first time, every time.

After over 20 years and over 10 million removals, we have developed a complex system that is inexpensive, fast, efficient, non-destructive, and environmentally sustainable.

We have created our own specialized vehicles, graffiti removers, graffiti management system (ClickOff™) and fleet management system (GraffLinx™). These systems
allow our communities to get professional graffiti removal services, at reasonable prices, using state of the art environmental and operational technologies.